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Data recovery services, including

What Data Recovery?
Data Rescue is the so-called information by computer virus, hard drive failure, operator error and other causes of data loss occurs when the services provided.

Rescue Type
  • Hard drive: PC, notebook computers, servers, RAID hard drives and all
  • Server / RAID ARRAY: file server, mail server, Web service, etc.
  • Database: MS-SQL, MYSQL, LOTUS, NOTES, Oracle, etc.
  • Other storage media: memory cards, flash drives, Zip, CD, DVD, etc.
Supported Operating Systems
MS-DOS, Windows98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, Windows / Linux / UNIX / Solaris Server Apple Computer (Macintosh), etc.

Supported file system
FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NSS, HFS +, EXT2 / 3, RAID LEVEL etc.

Standard price
Data Recovery hard drive capacity and the cost of the operating system and have used the causes of the decision.

Data Recovery Time
Data Recovery times vary due to fault conditions: software rescue time damaged within two days; physical breakdown rescue time to follow the detection conditions.

Customer information to be confirmed after the rescue, upon receipt of client money, the delivery of relief out of the data.

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