Data recovery services, including

What Data Recovery?
Data Rescue is the so-called information by computer virus, hard drive failure, operator error and other causes of data loss occurs when the services provided.

Rescue Type
  • Hard drive: PC, notebook computers, servers, RAID hard drives and all
  • Server / RAID ARRAY: file server, mail server, Web service, etc.
  • Database: MS-SQL, MYSQL, LOTUS, NOTES, Oracle, etc.
  • Other storage media: memory cards, flash drives, Zip, CD, DVD, etc.
Supported Operating Systems
MS-DOS, Windows98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, Windows / Linux / UNIX / Solaris Server Apple Computer (Macintosh), etc.

Supported file system
FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NSS, HFS +, EXT2 / 3, RAID LEVEL etc.

Standard price
Data Recovery hard drive capacity and the cost of the operating system and have used the causes of the decision.

Data Recovery Time
Data Recovery times vary due to fault conditions: software rescue time damaged within two days; physical breakdown rescue time to follow the detection conditions.

Customer information to be confirmed after the rescue, upon receipt of client money, the delivery of relief out of the data.

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Web design services, including

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Maintenance services, including

On site computer service Notebook computer and hardware maintenance
Network services and redevelopment Home Broadband
Network printer sharing Server maintenance and monitoring
Data Recovery Retail and wholesale computer parts
Telephone booking and instant site service Installation of computer (PC and Mac)
Replacement of computer parts Assembly Service
Network systems and security Windows Re-installation
Clear computer viruses and Trojan horses Size of the Internet Engineering


  • Data Recovery Services
    I will help to recover your data from your hard disk. My data recovery services includes assisting you to recover your precious data from virus attacks, system crashes, accidental deletion, reformatting and even damaged partition tables. Pass us your storage device for a free evaluation.
  • Computer Mal-ware Spyware Virus Removal
    Did the performance of your computer desktop or laptop slow down for no reason? Need help for computer virus removal? Or did an “anti virus” program pop up when windows is started and it informed you that your PC had several virus and you have to pay to remove the spyware and virus? If yes, you have been
  • Computer Network Setup
    Do you often have computer network issues, such as limited or no connectivity, broken wireless signal, port forwarding problems, have problem hosting games, wireless home network problems, unsecured wireless network, unable to share files on network?
  • Computer Data Transfer
    Did you purchase a new PC and require help to transfer data from one computer to another? I can provide computer data transfer services help you to transfer data from one computer to another I will assist you to transfer program related files over to your new PC.
  • Computer Hardware Upgrade and Transfer
    I assist you to upgrade your video cards and increase your memory size (memory upgrade), CPU upgrade and other PC related upgrades for your computer to enable it to run at a faster speed.
  • Monitor Display Problems
    Are you having monitor display problems? Is your PC giving you a monitor black screen even though you can hear your computer humming in the background?
  • Notebook Laptop Repair
    I solve laptop problems such as overheating, loud or noisy fan, cracked or broken hinges, LCD no images, laptop power issues. Other than providing laptop repair services, I do upgrades for your laptop. I can provide laptop memory upgrade and hard disk upgrade.
  • Windows Installation and Repair
    Does your windows have boot-up problems and you are absolutely fed up? Is your computer taking ages to start up and run a program? The fastest and easiest way (not always the most recommended) to restore your PC back to it’s initial state.


No brand is a limitation for upgrades or repair. I can support major laptop brands such as HP, Compaq, Acer, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung, LG, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Gateway,Sony and MAC. I can repair and solve your notebook problem!

Some malicious companies drag their time for hours, to do a simple PC repair which could be completed in 15mins, to maximize their earning.

Upfront, I quote you a flat rate for the given job. Thus even if the problem stretch for an additional 6 hours, you pay only the rate you are quoted.

I believe in using my knowledge provide PC servicing within the shortest time, yet not compromising the PC troubleshooting job.

And of course, without hourly rate charges, I can able to spend time to run tests on your system to pinpoint the problems your computer is having. And without you feeling the pinch in your wallet.

After troubleshooting a PC problem, I will verify with you to ensure that the problem is terminated before I left. No time or day is inconvenient for me.

I would like to provide you with professional computer repair services, fees and charges are net price, not tricky, if you on the services or products we offer have any comments, you can contact me!

Convenience - I can let you stay at home, get professional computer maintenance.
Fast – fast commitments arrived within 2 hours, heart for your sake, understand your urgent needs.
Economy – Repair is not good, absolutely do not charge, professional services, cost savings.
Professional – Microsoft professional qualifications recognized, full assurance and confidence.
Confidence – Many years of combat experience, the general quality of participation of non-maintenance workers comparable times.
Wide – Wide range of services, including all eighth district

Clear Explanation
Have you encounter situations where the PC technician does his own job repairing your computer and suddenly he informs you that the PC is repaired?

Along the course of PC service, I will explain what I am is doing and some of the precautions for you to avoid the problems.

Flexible Timing
I understand that most people are working during this period and need enjoying precious family bonding time after working hours and hence require our onsite service in the evening.

I can attend to you by appointments and even on public holiday!

What is Management?
Act, process or practice of getting activities completed effectively

What is Infrastructure Management?
Process of creating, planning, and maintaining infrastructures

What is IT infrastructure?
All of the hardware, software, networks, facilities etc. that are required to develop, test, deliver or support IT Services

Areas of IT IM

  •  Network management
  • Storage management
  • System management
  • Facility management
  • [/ideabox]

You are ready to embrace all benefits of IT Infrastructure Management, if you like the idea of:

  • Adherence to standards
  • Optimization of information flows
  • Adaptability to changeable environments
  • Interoperability of organization and externals
  • Effective change of policies and practices
  • [/ideabox]

Me & My team are an expert players on the Infrastructure Management field

  • Development of Infrastructure Management systems for mid-size (<1000) networks
  • Development of modules for packaged IM systems (CA eHealth)
  • Product consulting for the industry’s leading products
  • [/ideabox]